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SQL Master Class

My review for O’Reilly:

C.J. Date’s SQL and Relational Theory Master Class

If you are using Wordpress, then learning SQL is a must if you are coding your own templates.

This video masterclass is quite an impressive resource for those interested in further developing their knowledge in SQL. It better suits if you have prior knowledge of SQL and how to design or structure databases otherwise it may not be worth your investment at this time as some topics can come across confusingly. CJ is an excellent instructor and you should find comfort in these videos. Just be mindful that this really is for those wanting to master the art of SQL and not simply starting out to learn it.

The advantage to these videos is that it takes the level of learning further than if you were to teach yourself from the book (also a great addition). The masterclass has been produced during in/an actual class environment and is interspersed with shots of CJ at the head of the room talking to students but more importantly the majority of learning is visual presentations/images with a voice over of the presentation.

Be prepared for a little bandwidth to be consumed if you take the plunge. The total size of the collection is over 4GB to download, enough video to fill a DVD full and a whopping 16 hours in length. The price at first glance is quite high for a video tutorial but given the expense of attending a 3 day class or conference, it is quite a reasonable purchase at a substantial savings in comparison.

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