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"The Art of Community " by Jono Bacon, O’Reilly Media

The business plan bible for creating or revising your online community, “The Art of Community" is the greatest book on the subject available to date. In fact, anyone using social media could learn alot from this book as well.

Jono Bacon has done an outstanding job on compiling what it takes to successfully build an online community from the ground up using the right tools, the right documentation for governance and a well thought out section dedicated to conflict resolution in your community. Bacon emphasises the key issues with communities and provides a logical and methodical approach to ensure the safety of all members in the community as well as those with the responsibility of governing the community.

There are some key areas that anyone starting always worry about; conflicts, moderators, lack of participation etc. but this book deals with that and far more. This simply is a bible that all Community Managers must have.

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